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Bright alloy bottle holder for all style motorcycles with 1" handlebars. Holds a standard drink bottle securely in place while you ride and mounts in seconds with a single bottle.

Individual Harnesses

Pick and choose the system you want in any configuration and any combination. All the Harnesses that are featured in the kits are here plus one that isn't!


The easiest and safest way to attach booster cables to your motorcycle...the SOLOBOOST kit is for a single vehicle where your one of the vehicles involved has only standard battery terminals. It comes with 1 (one) Vehicle Harness to be installed on your battery, and 1 (one) Extended Battery Clip Harness. Total length 10 feet (3.1m).


Want to share the system between more than one vehicle? The MULTIBOOST kit is for sharing the system with multiple vehicles. It comes with 1 (one) Vehicle Harness, 1 (one) Harness Extender and 1 (one) Battery Clip Harness. This configuration allows boosting either between two vehicles both equipped with Vehicle Harnesses or attach the supplied Battery Clip Harness and boost from any other source. Additional Vehicle Harnesses are available to customize your MULTIBOOST configuration and increase the number of vehicles that can take advantage of the system. Install Vehicle Harnesses to any of your vehicles making boosting quick, easy and near impossible to reverse the connections! Total length 10 feet (3.1m) in most any configuration.


Don't ride a motorcycle? Or, do you want the same convenience you have for your bike? The CARBOOST is the same as our SOLOBOOST kit, except the Vehicle Harness has 3/8" lugs for mounting to automotive battery terminals and is 3 feet (0.92m) long for easier routing and optional through the grill accessibility. It also includes a handy zippered storage bag. The CARBOOST harnesses are fully compatible with the rest of the CYCLEBOOST harnesses so you can interchange components and take advantage of the MULTIBOOST kit as well.


Compact, well made, economical and there is nothing to install. How standard booster cables should be made. The BASICBOOST. A standard configuration booster cable set but with a difference. Constructed using the same compact booster clips and PVC jacketed cable as the rest of the CYCLEBOOST system, these are quite possibly the best constructed set of standard configuration booster cables made. Made from 8 gauge cable and rated for a full 50 amps, they are also one of the most compact.

All prices are exclusive of shipping and taxes. All CYCLEBOOST kits include zippered storage bag.



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